Expert, holistic menopause support for the working woman

Figuring out menopause and mid-life shouldn't be so confusing.

We provide convenient and affordable access to holistic menopause treatment and therapy, for employees and patients - from the comfort of home.


25% of American women consider leaving their jobs due to the inability to cope with menopause. 


Femality Health offers a full technology-drivenintegrative approach to menopause monitoring and treatment within the workplace through telemedicine, expert-led programming support and more - all in one app.

Content & Community
  • Interactive Support groups with other working women experiencing the menopause transition 

Holistic Treatment Plans 
Education and Expert Programming

Personalized and holistic treatment plans and check-ins with:

  • NAMS-approved Physicians 

  • Wellness Coaches 

  • Complementary Therapists

  • 6-week educational program and support around menopause topics to enable confidence and understanding of changes that occur

The mid-life menopause transition mentally, sexually and physically effects millions of woman.

Who we serve: 





Don't just take our word for it.

Bobbi O, 

Roanoke, Virginia

I had hot flashes, insomnia and bad mood swings. I knew I was going through menopause but felt like no one really understood. I signed up for Femality Health and finally feel peace and control over my transition and aging. I learned how much my diet was affecting me and receive supplements every month that actually work. 

Diana H,



My gynecologist didn't help me with my vaginal atrophy at all. I got a lot of advice on what I could try and not enough about what I should. I finally have relief and understand how much my caffeine, diet effects my symptoms. I also take a vaginal suppository recommended by my Femality physician that SAVED my sex life. 

Jennifer C,

Los Angeles, 


WOW! I’ve been feeling so much better since using this service. At first, I was skeptical about using the internet to get help. But Femality really took the time to find the right treatment plan for me, and I check in twice a month, so I get any questions regarding my diet and how it effects my symptoms answered too.

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