Lifestyle Changes to Slow Down Aging and Menopause

Aging, something we all learn to accept (eventually), are reminded of every birthday, and hits home during menopause. What many of us don’t realize is, that menopause actually speeds up the genetic process of aging. Recent studies have shown that women who had gone through menopause earlier in life, had more DNA methylation, which is an aging biomarker. These women were biologically older than women who went through menopause in their 50’s. Menopause can speed up your cellular aging by a whole 6% as per studies done at UCLA.

Where’s the good news here? Studies also show that hormone replacement therapy can counteract the affects of the menopause related aging process. Hopes are that in the future, women will have more options, and safer hormone replacement therapy that has fewer side effects.

If hormone therapy isn’t for you, or if you want to augment the anti-aging affects of hormone therapy, you have many options. Here are just a few:

1) Use a mineral sunscreen every two hours, whether the sun is out or not. Estrogen can decrease the elasticity of the skin, add sun damage, and skin aging can be accelerated.

2) Use a sugar based skin exfoliator

3) Talk to your dermatologist about whether treatments like micro-needling, laser treatments, Botox, fillers and retinols to remove fine lines

4) Stop smoking cigarettes/nicotine use. Nicotine can constrict the blood vessels in your skin, keeping it from getting an ample amount of oxygen and nutrients, leading to aging

5) Be strict with your diet! Incorporate more lean proteins such as fish, beans, chicken, and lentils. Avoid sugary and processed foods, white bread, and fried foods.

6) Get in at least 20 mins of exercise 3 times a week. Exercise increases blood flow to the parts of your body that most need it, keeps you happy, healthy, and young.

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