Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What happens if I need to see a specialist?

We will work with you to find the best specialist in your insurance network. We will coordinate and help you navigate the appointment and follow ups. If you don'thave insurance, we will work with you to find the most affordable access to care for you.

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime! Just tell us 30 days before to prevent being charged for the following month!

Why would we use this over another primary care provider?

We are built specifically for women in middle age (over 40) providing preventative, concierge medicine visits. 1) Longer appointments. We are your partners in health. We are at your finger tips 7 days a week and will have 30 minute - 1 hour long visits with you to understand where you currently are at in your health journey. 2) Gender and age specific care - As a women in middle age, your health concerns aren't going to be the same as a pregnant women's, we believe your care should reflect both your age and gender as you go through menopause and beyond. 3) Technology driven - contact us anytime via our mobile app. Take assessments for us to understand your health better and enjoy integrated treatment plans in your pocket. You won't get this level of integration otherwise.

Why do I need preventative care?

Preventative care is routine health care that includes screenings, check-ups, and patient counseling to prevent illnesses, disease, or other health problems. It will help you manage and prevent the worsening of age-related conditions like osteoporosis or onset heart disease.

What is included in my membership?

Is the Femality Health app available online?

Yes, in the Apple Store!

In what states is Femality Health available?

Femality Health is available in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Is there a membership commitment?

Meaningful, lasting changes in health and lifestyle take time. So, your Femality Health membership begins with a 4-month commitment. We believe this gives you, your doctor, and your Care Team the necessary time together to build a lasting relationship and provide you with the support you need to reach your health goals.

Is there any referral for referring friends?

Yes! If you refer your friend or family member, enjoy a free month of care! Sign up with one of our membership advisors, and you’ll receive your referral code right away. Text us at 202-599-8351 to learn more! You will also be able to find your personal referral code in the Femality Health app once you download it.

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